Annette G. Teepe, PhD

Annette G. Teepe, PhD

ANHSCA Resident Instructor
and Mentor for Forensics Club

Dr. Teepe taught Honors/AP/IB Biology and Biotechnology in high school and college biology classes. She worked in industrial and academic research laboratories and published in scientific journals. Her passion is teaching critical thinking skills and lives for the “ah-ha” moment when a student truly understands a new concept.

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ANHSCA Mission Statement

ANHSCA is an organization that takes pride in our nation’s high school and junior high school students. We at ANHSCA believe that with the support of the family and community, our nation’s youth will surpass the highest hopes and dreams of our forefathers. We believe that today’s high school students are tomorrow’s leaders, and through them, our nation’s greatness stands poised. Therefore, we at ANHSCA, without reservations, support and acknowledge our nation’s youth.