ANHSCA Open House and Student Funday

To introduce ANHSCA to the public, showcase the organization’s mission, provide a taste of the student member’s experience, and foster a sense of community through a family- friendly event. Event Overview: The ANHSCA Open House Extravaganza is a dynamic and engaging event that aims to achieve three main objectives: Introduction to ANHSCA’s Mission, Student Member […]

ANHSCA National Member Meet & Greet

Part of the ANHSCA Open House Extravaganza: Networking Zones: Designated areas for attendees to connect with others who share similar interests in ANHSCA’s mission. Information Booths: Learn more about ANHSCA's programs, volunteer opportunities, and how to get involved. Open Dialogue: ANHSCA representatives are available for discussions and answering questions. To take advantage of this event […]

ANHSCA Speech Master Competition

The ANHSCA Speech Master’s Contest provides an exciting platform for members to showcase their public speaking skills and compete against other ANHSCA Speech Master Clubs. By adhering to the contest rules, participants can present their speeches effectively and strive for success at each level of the competition. To take advantage of this event – become […]

ANHSCA Cornhole Toss Competition

The ANHSCA Cornhole Toss Club provides a fun and competitive environment for high school students to enjoy the popular game of cornhole. Members gather to hone their tossing skills, strategize, and engage in friendly competitions. Through regular meetings and tournaments, the club fosters camaraderie and sportsmanship among participants while promoting physical activity and outdoor recreation. […]